A portrait of our CEO & Founder, Eva Thomsen

Based in lovely North Zealand close to Copenhagen Eva started Rebella.dk.

Eva (45) was born and raised in the Faroe Island. She moved to Denmark when she 19 years old to pursue her dream of becoming a beautician.

But with young children, it was difficult to reconcile long working days and weekends, so she found an office job.

Until a couple of years ago, she worked in the finance sector and quit her job, as the children were older, and the time had come to make her dream come true.

Time is important and I am very practical and love things that can help me solve a task in a more efficient way, so there will be more time for fun and hygge.

This is expressed in my 3-in-1 nail polish, which brings together three functions and saves me time. I have always wanted my own brand in cosmetics and the whole process of design and content is something that I have been very curious about always. Whenever I have purchased a product, it has always been thoroughly tested and the ingredients list studied. Being able to be part of a products development from start to finish as well as being able to price it, is an absolute dream come true.

I hope everyone will be able to see, feel, and sense that a lot of effort and love has been put into each one of them and each product has its own very special journey and we have only just started.