About us

Rebella is a Danish cosmetic brand founded in 2018 with the ambition to create skincare and cosmetics of the highest quality and functional design.

All our products are formulated from non-allergic raw materials and have passed strict dermatological control tests to minimize any skin reactions. All ingredients are made within EU. Our first priority is to ensure the products are safe to use and fulfils ISO standards 22716:2017 and ISO 9001:2008. All products are registered under the EU portal for cosmetics.

We are inspired by those who are always on the go, our designs and content collect multiple features that make them practical, time- and space-saving.

We think outside of the box in trying to make things a bit different, more practical and with a little humor. Skin care does not have to be time consuming, boring or complicated.

The name Rebella can have many meanings. Re = king in Italian and Bella = beautiful.

Rebel is also a part of the word and we like to challenge the established marked for beauty products with new functions and affordable prices.

Our suppliers in Spain, Italy, Germany and more are hand picked, because we love their energy to help us start this amazing journey with our new line Rebella.

Be a beautiful rebel !!

Warm regards,

Eva – Certified beautician

Quote from the Environment and Food Ministry in Denmark:

“There is no official government approved ecolabeling on cosmetics, as there is for food in Denmark and EU. There are many private providers. For example, it does not make any sense to call water organic. Many of the ingredients that are often used in cosmetics are manufactured synthetically or of miniral origin and therefor can not be grown ecologically.

Note : All though we have organic, natural, environmentally friendly and vegan cosmetics, we do not go after private certifications because it is very expensive. We do not want to raise our prices because of a certification that in many cases is only made for marketing strategy and for maximizing profit bases on consumer misguidance.

We take our customers very serious and want to be a rebel here, because we do not feel it is reasonable to put the extra cost on our customers.